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    Marking schemes Cathy20155

    I'm well aware that not everyone found every subject easy, but I feel that for example; maths was a lot easier than previous years and also geography and business. How will the marking scheme go? Will it really catch some borderline A students, especially for maths since it's either right or wrong

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      From what all of the teachers tell us, if the examiner notices a pattern of bad results and grades, they usually do not mark the paper hard. The same goes for if an examiner notices a pattern of good results and grades, they usually mark it hard, therefore, for the maths and geography exam, I believe it will be marked very hard. :/

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      no matter what subject they always they always try to get all the grades given out to fit the bell curve shape. Meaning that a small percentage will get an A1/fail and the majority will get a C2-B2.

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