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    Mock exams aoife0509

    Is it true that the mocks are harder than the junior cert

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      Obviously they are, if you think about it, Aoife. The mocks are in mid-February and the junior cert is June. There would be topics that ye haven't yet covered fully in class by February that ye would have done by June, which would naturally make it easier

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      Aside from having all topics fully covered, more revision done in class and more time to study for the Junior Cert, are the mocks actually harder as exams? Like are the questions usually of a higher standard than JC questions, are they marked harder, etc?

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      Yes A-123St.

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      I don't think the mocks were marked harder, if anything I did better in my mocks than in the actual junior cert. It just seems harder because it is your first time sitting something close to a state exam and you will never have enough time in the mocks to completely finish all of your papers.

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      Jordanol, mine were marked very hard like I got an F in Science in the mock, I got a C in the actual JC.

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      Got a b in geography In the mocks and got a c in the real thing, id say you just happened to study more for the actual thing, I don't think the markings gonna be that strict

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      I did not study at all for either.

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      All I did was help students on this throughout.

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      Plus my teachers (well Maths to say the least) said that the mocks were marked hard themselves and you can't get better evidence than that.

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      Only thing I can see for me that was marked harder in the actual JC was CSPE.

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      The mocks and the actual jc exams are marked the same way, they have the same layout of questions and the same length. the questions are slightly different but that s it

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      Mine were most certainly not marked the same way. I have not got a clue what you are talking about.

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      My maths teacher said that they tend to ask questions in a harder way in the mocks (for maths anyway) but that you could get an easy/tough mock just as you could get an easy/tough exam in the JC.

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