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    Mocks Question Suitcasey114

    I keep hearing off everyone that the mocks are much harder than the real thing,but how so? Are the actual questions harder,are they just marked harder,or is it because most people haven't finished the course?

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      Karen D

      A lot of people have not finished the course during the mocks. Generally you can get two grades higher or a bit more. The mocks is the time to sort out the timing for everything and to get the layout of the paper. You generally have more time after the mocks to revise things. Good luck!

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      Because most people haven't finished the course on most subjects. Overall though, they're not nearly as hard as people say! (with some exceptions (French and Maths Paper 2 for me were the exceptions)

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      The markers can sometimes be harder. This was definitely the case for my History exam (I still got an A so I shouldn't be complaining) and some things were marked wrong that my teacher said she would have marked right.

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