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    New Website for Junior Cert & Leaving certs maymento

    Hi guys! I made a website that consists of notes for Junior certs.

    I've also decided to include leaving cert notes too.

    It would me a lot to me if you checked it out. :)

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      Very nice maymento. Do you think I should create one?

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      Yes, SryanBruen! I think that's a good idea! I've always thought there was so little resources for Junior cert student on the internet. That's actually the main reason why I wanted to make a website based on my notes. I think you should go for it,the more the merrier! :)

      Also guys, comment down below what you think about it.

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      I have created mine in the form of a forum. Anybody is free to contribute to it!

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      that's a good idea! I never knew there was something like this.

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      @Maymento, Your website is brilliant, it will be a great help to students!

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