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    One minute I am absolutely calm and collected I lover the exam, next minute I am curled up in the foetal position in sheer dread of it. I need some help... CXonor13

    So, I am on and off over this exam. At one minute I am completely at ease over the exam, not a care in the world, the next I am almost tearing my hair out with complete fear and utter dread.

    I seriously need sone tips on relaxing, as I really want to get good grades out of these exams.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

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      Sorry, autocorrect it is meant to be "over the exam", and not "I lover the exam"! XD

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      Was in the same position a couple of days ago. I don't know how long you've been studying but what I found most helpful for releaving nerves would be getting your papers and looking every single question until 2009 in each subject and I found that of you're able to answer each question well, your nerves will disappear (well in my case anyway ) if you find yourself shaky on a question, do all of them in the papers ex Functions in HL Maths. You know yourself what your weakness' are so target and prioritise those areas. After doing that you're ready for the exam. What I find daunting about the junior cert is probably the sheer uncertainty of it all! Anyways good luck:)

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      take a few deep breaths and also take a break once in a while. ya you should go over exam questions, because you gain confidence this way which relieves your nerves. also in the exam if you find this happening just lie back for a minute and take deep breaths, but dont look at anyone as seeing someone else stressing could stress you. good luck in your exams. itll be over before you know it and just think of the stress-free summer ahead

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