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procrastination !!!! please help ya girl out :')
95rose The Junior Cert — 31/05/16 6

to put it briefly i have a problem with procrastination. it's not that i don't want to get things done, because i do !!! i'm actually a really ambitious person and i want to do well in ... life and stuff u know... Anyways i find myself constantly putting things off, even the things i enjoy doing like art. i'll sit at the computer or something for ages and tell myself i'll go and do some work but i obviously end up just .. not doing it. i figured just completely staying away from all distractions (phone and computer, for me personally are the two biggest distractions) would help but i end up just daydreaming and walking around the house looking for anything to do other than school work !!! i don't know if any of you can relate but whatever does anyone have any tips or ways to prevent procrastination .. this was supposed to be "brief" but it's super long sorry lmao

Sarah_McHale — 05/05/16
One of the things I do is when I get home from school I plan out my evening. For example, from 4:00 - 4:20 I'll do my maths homework and then from 4:20 - 5:00 I'll study rivers in geography, and I'll include breaks for myself. Write down your plan and put it on your desk or pin it to the wall in front of you so that it'll be always reminding you to stick to it! Include some breaks, but do get back to work, because sometimes I find myself going ahh scrap it during the breaks and just hanging around the kitchen! Try listening to music as well, not pop music or loud stuff could distract you, but really minimalist study music. Pick a track you like and then stick to the same track - there's loads on youtube. For me, I feel like when I put in my earphones with my study music it sort of switches my brain to study mode. That works for me anyways, some people find it really distracting though. You really just have to try and find something that suits you, these things work for me. Good luck!
95rose — 05/05/16
thank you for your help, i'll try planning out my day and see how that goes !!! and i get where you're coming from with the music, i find classical music helps me study better
peaches — 05/05/16
hey :) i have a short attention span (not saying you do lol) but i find that if i set alarms on my phone for 20 mins at a time. I give each subject 20 mins or each topic...that way i know its only 20 mins and it's almost like a game of how much can i learn in 20 mins. when the alarm goes off have a 5 min break and then repeat (i usually do another subject and come back to the one i just did otherwise i get bored) you'd be surprised how much you can get done when you're timing yourself. Also mini tests are good to see how much you're actually taking in. so if im reading through notes ill have a blank sheet beside me and if im reading something that i think might be an exam question...ill write it down like eg "state the def of equilibrium" and do the test before the end of my 20 mins. its tough but it's better than sitting for an hour writing notes that aren't going into your head. And finally lol do your worst subject first because if you're like me you'll avoid it and you'll only end up stressing about the fact you haven't studied that subject. there's loads of time!! so don't stress you got this :) good luck!!
Aoife001 — 05/05/16
I think taking regular breaks and rewarding yourself when you get a certain amount done works great! What I do is work for twenty minutes take a five minute break and watch part of a longer YouTube video. When I go back to work it helps me work more efficiently because I can reward myself with the next part of the video. Might not work for some people but I hope this helps!
Name — 20/05/16
I come home and climb the tree outside my house. its about 20m tall and when im so high up the fear of god really strikes me and I try to jump from tree to tree until I fall and break myself
@Name That is some really sound advice lad. Having tried this technique for the last few days now, I have found my studying is going much better. Thanks!
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