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    Projects are overdue help!! Aidandaly2kPro

    My science coursework b project and CSPE action project are due to be sent in TOMORROW yet my teachers don't know that!! I handed my CSPE report to my teacher and he said he'll send it in on Tuesday because we're not in school tomorrow or Monday. But if it's overdue am I screwed? For science we haven't even finished the 2nd experiment or transferred them into the real booklet! But I have the labbook completely filled in so I'm probably covered for that!

    My art project is also due on Tuesday but I still have a good bit to do. I'm working on it at home by doing prep sheet drawings but the rest is in the school and we can't take our envelopes home! I gotta paint my 3D, finish my painting, fix up my prep sheet for the painting, stick down everything for my 3D prep sheet, stick down everything on my support studies for the painting and stick down everything on my support studies for my 3D and option! It sounds like I'm so behind that there's no hope for me but the rest of my class are in the same boat as me yet we've been working hard on it all year. So I'm not that far behind in art, there's other people who have a hell of a lot more to do. To get to the point what can I do about art and the other projects due for tomorrow? I'd appreciate anyone's help :)

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      For CSPE, I'm writing up mine Tuesday during my double PE classes - so you're not alone here on that, so no worries about that - I'm not sure about the others though sorry.

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      Ok but it's due for tomorrow are ur class really behind too?

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      No he firmly told us that we would write them into our actual booklets on Tuesday.

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      heyy guys ur school wont let u fail ur projects ok....go to ur principal and explain the situation and they will let u do d projects during ur other classes

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      @jokejike my art teacher is letting me do my project during free classes and non exam classes like religion, SPHE, etc but not any course subjects. I'll ask the principal tho thanks

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      Alex F

      If anyone of you want the marking scheme for the actual booklets for C.S.P.E let me know and I will sent it to you,

      I used this to help me finish my book today and it literally tells how to get full marks, it includes little things like what will get 0 marks also, in every section

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      Is it the one on cause I think I saw it before

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      Alex F

      Yes,it was in like a marking scheme, do you already have it ?

      If not I can send you mine through snapchat

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      I already have mine written up and handed in so I probably won't need it thanks anyway 👍

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      The Coursework is not sent anywhere! It is kept in the school and then sent back to the State Examinations Commission with the actual written exam in June. So rest easy, you are not screwed!! However, it is remiss of your teachers not to keep to the timetable set down by the SEC. Why should the students in one school be given extra time to complete it when other schools are rushing to get them finished? How would people feel if some students were given extra time in the exams in June?

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      Oh I see 😯 So the due dates are just ideal dates to finish them, not obligatory. But I think the art project HAS to be sent in by Tuesday because it says on the website that it MUST be finished by then, instead of it SHOULD be like it says for CSPE or science. Thanks for ur help 👌👌

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