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    Should/can I change subjects ? Katrina.khod


    I'm a first year student. And do German,Irsh and English and I also know Ukrainian and Russian.

    I'm quite good at languages and I would like to quit art and start French. Do you think it's possible. And should I do it .

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      If you are a language person I would go for it there is so many jobs for people who do languages you know like 6 already trust me the amount of money you would get, I never did art but from my friends it's really time consuming and not many people get A's because examiners have a strict on A policy. But if you have a passion for art it's your choice

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      And seeing as you are a first year it's best to start all your languages now as by the time it's your leaving cert you will be flying

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      Yea I'm not passionate for art but I'm afraid I'm going to be soo far behind in French because I don't know anything and if I do join then it's probably going to be next year when I'm in 2nd year.

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      I would get a French grind in the summer an hour a week ( I know it would be frustrating) but when you start properly in 2nd year you will not be behind and if you are fast at languages you will have no problem. When I was doing my junior cert I did German and I found that my teacher repeated everything we did in 1st year in 2nd year before she moved onto the book Viel SpaSß 2 in February

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