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Should I do T,Y?
naxmax9 The Junior Cert — 23/11/16 3

I want to do it so I can start learning leaving cert stuff before I enter 5th year. Is it worth it? Do you get L.C books before you enter 5th year? Or is TY a complete waste of time and money?

EA01 — 23/11/16
im not doing it. Want to finish school asap hahahaha
John4853 — 23/11/16
Yes ty is a waste of time and money,I skipped it and some of my friends regret doing ty because they didn't really do anything for a year and plus your so lazy when 5th year starts cause you need to get used to the routine of doing work again but if you skipped ty you just completed the jc so your use to work already when you go into 5th year and plus you'd would rather finish school faster and get the leaving cert done and over as best you can!.That's what i done and Im in 6th year and more then happy that i never done ty
SryanBruen — 23/11/16
It's a waste of time in my total honest opinion. I am currently in it and was forced to because it's unfortunately mandatory in my school. I have learnt very, very, very, very little this year so far. It's been absolutely trash. It's basically a waste of time, lots of trips, mini company, President's Award / Gaisce (in my school at least, yours maybe different), modules and projects, learn nothing new. Your school MAY give you LC books or photocopy pages from LC books but mine doesn't. A few of my subjects use TY books like French in particular but not much subjects at all to the point where all we have is copies and our pencil case in our bag. If you like trips and like to make an enterprise with your friends (a mini company) or just have a chilled out year after a stressful 3rd year, then yeah do it. If not then TOTALLY NOT.
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