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Should you study the night before an exam??
Elisha447 The Junior Cert — 09/06/16 2

Is it bad to be studying the night before an exam?? I don't mean cramming just getting a few bits revised Has anyone ever done this? Loads of teachers say not to?? :)

carolinaaplasencia — 06/06/16
I think u should but it is also important to sleep by like 10.30 so you can wake up and revise your shit for like 1 hour before going to school. Hope this helps, I am so scared just one more day left and It will be over by nxt wk. 3yrs work in 2wks. ajgghfm
— 09/06/16
i mean i haven't opened a book (i've been on track with homework and got almost straight As in class tests), so i plan on studying the night before and any days off i get. i go to sleep at like 9, get up at 4am, because i find i learn more in the morning by far! don't cram or stress, just look through papers and do anything you are unsure on, after all, it's only the JC!! once you haven't copied homework or cheated tests in the year, you'll be fine
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