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    Starting to get worried VampireBlue1234

    Hey guys. I have being working from the start of the year but I just feel so panicked any tips to how to calm down? Good luck to everyone aswell!

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      Studying, i know this sounds stupid but if you are confident you know the material you wont be that worried.

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      I actually feel surprisingly calm, but do exam questions until your sick of them and then you'll feel better as you will be content and feel at ease

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      Thanks guys what I'm kinda confused as to what to study for geography what do ye think?

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      Go over exam questions. Geography is one of my best subjects since I really like it, but my teacher us excellent with about 20 in my class getting an A orb in the pre. If you go through your exam papers, you might notice a pattern slightly emerging. For example in 2013 and 2011 carbonation came up. I would always practice maps and physical geography as they are basically guaranteed and theb have a mix of topics for a question like geographical mix. I would advise to learn soils, high population density and migration for that section

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