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    Struggling chocolate1516

    I'm in Junior Cert year and I'm struggling a lot lately. School is so hard and studying is getting very demanding. I suffer from anxiety and depression and I rarely want to leave the house. I haven't told anyone. What should i do?

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      Go talk to someone you trust right. don't worry i,m 2nd year for 2 months now i know what u feel right now if u want u can talk to me i feel the same as u hope we can be friends

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      Make an appointment with your guidance counsellor for a chat. They can help you with school and anxiety. Once you do it you'll wish you did it sooner. It helped me a lot with my anxiety and depression. They can't tell your parents what you've told them so don't worry. Xx

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      do exactly what she said it helps a lot believeme

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      I'm in third year as well and i get very anxious about tests but back in second year i talked with my guidance counsellor and it really helped xxxxx

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      Okay I'll try x

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      hope u suceede chocolatr1516 funny name

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      Ik it can be stressful but only one more year !!! Good luck

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