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Struggling with study!
Saoirsebergin11 The Junior Cert — 08/11/16 4

Hi, I'm really struggling with study.. I have never been good with studying and i always have had to work hard to get results.. but this year is even worse! I don't know where to start or what subject to start on and a really need help! as the Jc and Lc results in our school are always high.. so if anyone has and advice on what they do or how i can get going please help!

Ibraheem_3299 — 08/11/16
Go easy and dont stress, start by taking 2-3 subjects a day. then of those subjects study chapter or two. u should aim to study 3 hours a day. so an hour a subject. study the topic of that subject and practice the papers. for example. pick maths as a subject to study. in maths study 1 topic. lets say algebra, and practice the exam papers. exam papers have realistic questions, i mean their the ones ud want ta do instead of the ones in the book cuz they aint coming up! GL!
SeanP6A — 08/11/16
Try and write out a plan. Aim to spend 30-40 minutes at each subject and take breaks afterwards. Don't even consider other people's results at the moment, that will only stress you out. Find out what methods work best for you - do you have to write something down to learn it or do you have to say it out loud. I find that a mixture of methods works the best i.e. I read the notes, then try to say them out loud and then I try and write them down in my own words - you don't have to know things word for word. This is so important! Learn things in a way you can understand them so that you will be able to answer questions much easier as you understand what you are writing. Make sure to pick up revise wise if you have poor notes or do not think you are prepared enough in a subject. The most important thing is just to relax - take breaks, go for walks, read a book, go to training - this is more important than you think!
Saoirsebergin11 — 08/11/16
Thank you so much guys! Ehm.. how would you go about making out a study plan and sticking to it?
SeanP6A — 08/11/16
Start off slow enough, for example English 4.30-5.00 Maths 5.10-5.45 Geography 5.55 - 6.30 That way you have got three subjects worth of study done. If you have a lot of homework or an extracurricular activity on a certain day then cut that down to two subjects. Use Studyclix and revise wise like I said to get the most of your study. Don't be afraid to take breaks!
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