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    study plan treasamcguire54

    hey guy so im in 3rd year and im kinda finding it hard to study anyone got advice on making a study plan

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      when creating a timetable often studying subjects/topics you find difficult first and for longer helps, so that you dont zone out on the subject you need most practice because you are tired or bored. also, its better not to spend too long studying one subject, make short but frequent study periods to avoid getting bored or tired. its also important to include a break between study, usually walks help clear your head. turning off any destractions ensures you stay focused on your study. best practice for study, in my opinion ,is doing exam questions and comparing with marking scheme afterwards. -this just my opionion and what i found helped in my junior cert.

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      would you recommend about 45 minutes on each subject and should i cover every subject every day???


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      time wise, it depends on the subject and how much practice you need on it. if you choose to study many subjects in one day than make your periods shorter or if you study less subjects make periods longer. also, setting out 1 or 2 weakest subjects to study every day hepls. maximum time for study recommended is 2-3 hours daily. therefore,i think studying every subject would be too much. i would recommend studying subjects you had in school so that you can link study with homework and what your learning in class.

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      In response to your questions above we just added a blog post on how to create a study plan. I hope you find it useful.

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