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    study tips? Ellenmcgh

    im doing 11 higher subjects and its kind of expected of me to get all a's but im freaking out. Does anyone have any tips for any subjects to shorten or improve my time spent studying them?

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      First of all, idk why ppl wud expect ppl to get all A's.

      For English, make sure to practice your personal writing, and make sure you know a lot about your studied drama, fiction and poetry. I think that's the most important.

      For Irish, learn letter layouts, and prepare your letter opening and closing in advance, learn your studied prós and filíocht, and make sure you are familiar with léamhthuiscints and the paper 2 unseen prós

      For Maths, pretty much... practice everything and learn your theorems. Don't forget your calculator and maths set!

      For CSPE, that's easy as long as you did well in the action project

      For Science, be familiar with all the experiments as ANY can come up and there's pretty much NO WAY to predict which ones will come up. Also be familiar with all the definitions, physics formulas and biology organs/bones

      History, make sure not to make any stupid mistakes in Documents or the Q5 source questions. Answer ALL short answer questions, and don't rush them. Make sure you're prepared for Q6 cause that is 1/3 of all the marks and also make sure you know and learn about people in history that are likely to come up this year

      Geography, make sure you do well in Short Questions and don't make dumb mistakes. Also, learn the Map/Aerial photo question well cus that comes up EVERY YEAR on the Short Questions and as Q5 on long questions. If you learn that question off by heart, that's pretty much 25-30% of the exam

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      thank you so much

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      Hi, I was wondering when should I stop studying for my Junior Cert... I'm doing 9 hours every day. I'm getting tired at this stage, but don't want to let any possible revision time slip away... Thanks!

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      9 hours a day is an awful lot of studying! i'm barely only starting to study properly now.... i wouldn't stop studying but if you have really been doing that much you probably don't need to continue it as it should all be about revision for you now.... 3-4 hours a day of pure revision leading up to the exams should do it for you. Just look over past papers, get used to the questions asked and key words are always good to revise!

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      Yeah, I think 9 hours is too much. Relax, it's just the Junior Cert

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      So, 4 hours tomorrow, and then just keywords/look over exam questions on Tuesday? Or just pure revision up until Tuesday at 2pm?? Which method?

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      i'd do 4 tomorrow and keywords and exam papers the night before each exam. Don't worry about it you sound like you're fully prepared!

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      If you feel prepared, there's no need to do 9 hours, maybe 3-4 hours. If you feel like you're gonna do awful, (which you probably won't if you do 9 hours) then continue studying more

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      I know *most* of my courses very well, I've been revising all year.. I just feel that I'm not going to remember everything, (it might be a bit of self belief I need, I dunno)... The last thing I need is for me to walk into an exam tired. Maths and Irish are my two biggest fears! 4 hours study tomorrow! (I can even have a sleep in!) Will I split up my 4 hours between all subjects or what?

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      Well study the topics you're most scared for; Maths and Irish in your case. Irish is on Thursday and Maths is on Friday and Monday so they are among the 1st exams. If you're confident for your other subjects, just focus on those 2.

      For Irish, make sure you know your Poetry and Prós well. Also learn the letter layout and the letter intro/ending off by heart and practice your Ceapadóireacht

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      11ND - CCM

      How on earth could you do 9 hours of study a day?.. I used to have motivation, but now it's gone and I feel I can't study for more than 3 hours per day. I've let my revision slip a bit lately. Not good.

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      11ND - CCM,

      Tomorrow is your last day of revision!Do out your study plan NOW!!

      Get up as if it was a school day tomorrow at 7/8am, and eat a wholesome breakfast. At 9:10 start your revision, and then stick STRICTLY to your study plan. Even if you don't exactly understand a topic, move along, time is at the essence. Take breaks as at school time (ie 11am and 1pm).

      Drink plenty of water, and eat lots of fruit. At 4pm, out for a walk/jog and relax for an hour. Thn back to your study until 7/7:45pm.

      Then by 8 pm, you are happy that you've don't your most and best today, and you couldn't have done any more!!

      There's only a few hours left, make the most of it. You've 2 and a half months of holidays after the exams. In your case, one day won't harm you!

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      So what Revison should I be doing for tomorrow? Just Irish/Maths or a quick blitz of everything to jog memory, and then focus on maths /Irish study?

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      I'd say mainly Irish and Maths and a little bit of other subjects. But you don't need to study all of them

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      But I think you're over-thinking this tbh. it's the Junior Cert. There's no need to wake up early and study all day. I never do 9 hours a day, it's overdoing it

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      It's important to keep routine the weeks before the exams, so that your body doesn't get a surprise on the 4th of June when you get up at 8am! Also, I don't want to have any regrets in September. Tuesday will be a chill day though, the exams are like a marathon, and you don't run a marathon the day before your competition!

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