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Studyclix - Meme centre?
DONALDTRUMP4PREZ The Junior Cert — 31/05/16 5

Over the last couple of months, I have noticed that Studyclix has been flooded with memers and trolls, standing in the way of the intellectuals who wish to further their education. This deeply concerns me as I wish to do well in my exams. Anyone else notice this?

Aoife_9776 — 31/05/16
Yup I totally agree. Just ignore them or report them if they're really getting in the way. The only person they're holding back is themselves
SryanBruen — 31/05/16
YES! Big time!
EH458 — 31/05/16
Well yes but to be brutally honest by your username I assumed you were one of them haha sorry suppose not.
@EH458 Lol I honestly believe Trump is what America needs, but whatever.
EH458 — 31/05/16
Well I'd give a fair argument but I respect opinions ;)
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