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    SUBJECT CHOICES !!!! Annahendy

    Hi in my school we have to make our subject choices before we do the actual junior cert so i am finding it difficult to decide what subjects to do (i go to an all girls school so no wood work , metal work ect..) I know that i will keep on a language and a science subject to keep my options open but i am unsure of what to do for my 3rd and 4th subject ? ANY IDEAS ? Thanks

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      go through LC exam papers

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      I heard ecnomics is actually realllyyyy good! I picked French , Biology ,Chemistry and Art as well as LCVP for LC. So maybe that can give you an idea

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      You have no woodwork metal work? Wow. I'm doing DCG, german, geography, physics and applied maths. Chose which class is more enjoyable and which subject is your best grades wise. Its the right thing to pick a science and a language so pick something that suits your learning style. If your practical do something maybe like home ec or another science or if your more into English do history or geography as they require more reading and learning off. If you are more logical do something like accounting or applied maths because they suit that kind of learning

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      Hey :)

      I do both chemistry and biology (I'm in 6th year). Biology is very easy, especially if you prefer to learn stuff off - there's a lot of learning! It's not difficult to understand and there's also no maths element which is nice.

      Chemistry is much more challenging but it's my favourite. It takes a while to get used to but it is well worth it if you think you may do something science related in college! (Having leaving cert chemistry will make 1st year a whole lot easier!) However, there is a maths aspect to chemistry - but not overly difficult! Be aware that chemistry is compulsory for some college courses - eg: veterinary.

      I also do geography. Really interesting subject! Large volume of learning but if you're organised and learn your essays throughout 5th and 6th year, you'll be fine!

      Hope that helps a bit,

      best of luck in the junior cert :)

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