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    SUMMER TESTS!!! Eve smith

    anyone have any predictions about what experiments might come up in my second year science summer test this week????????? please help

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      Okay right, No need to worry. What will come up in Biology will be any of the food tests, Test for protein,starch,reducing sugars changing chemical energy into heat.

      Chemistry this is the big one, know how the experiment to make Oxygen,Carbon Dioxide,Hydrogen and also to test if they are what they are, also properties of Carbon Dioxide. To show that Oxygen is made up of 21% air is very common Check 2006 chemistry atmosphere questions. Also know all the separating mixtures experiment especially distillation! Know where water in goes and what the distillate is etc... Acid and bases chapter will be probably asking you what neutralization is what is formed, probably will ask you to write out a balanced chemical equation HCl + NaOH = NaCl + H2o. Know that acids go in the burette and that base goes into the pipette, Litmus paper tests know the colour that they change.

      Physics very easy, Only real experiment in second year that can come up is measure the density of an object, it'll most likely say an apple, which is irregular. So get the volume with a graduated cylinder, mass with a balance and Do Mass/Volume. Heat experiments may come up know that air expands and contracts when cooled same with liquids may ask about the bimetallic strip.

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      Eve smith

      Thank you so much this is a great help!!!!!!

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      do any of you know what could come up in the 1st year geography exam

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      do any of you know what could come up in the 1st year geography exam

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      Eve smith

      yes know all about rocks and weathering, the sea ,erosion , fishing and the earth . that's all I learnt for geography in first year and this got me an A.

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