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    "Super" intendents ronanmurray

    Ok I clearly have the stupidest superintendent ever she gives out the paper like minutes early and doesn't say anything everyone is thinking wahoo! And start writing and reading then ten minutes later when everyone is writing she says "you can start now" I mean like wtf?!? And at one point she left the room for a minute! This was english but if it was maths/science people could've cheated! Does anyone else have a clueless superintendent or is that just me?

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      well mine wasn't so bad but he breathed so heavily and his shoes were so squeaky as well whenever he walked around the room, i found it hard to concentrate during paper 1 but i got used to it by paper 2.

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      our one came down and offered us biscuit to keep our energy up!!! she also said we didn't have to sign out going to the bathroom as it wasted time!! when we all handed up our exams she asked us our names and where our parents were from!!!!!!!!!!

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      Ours let us start 10 minutes early and finish a but after time! He was so nice! He also moved around the tables so we were all in comfortable and even moved the girl who was in front of him away cause you know, no one wants that's seat :)

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      My one was super nice. I was the only one left at the end of P2 and he asked how it went, where I was from etc. Though it was so disturbing when he ate the biscuits! And then packed the lefovers into his bag xD

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      Did they ever just like stand behind you? I'm at the back of the class (best place ever nobody can stare at me) and she'd always like just stand right behind me and it was really hard to concentrate!

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      mine walked around every once in a while which was nerve wrecking but apart from that she was fine

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      @ronanmurray- same, I was getting the feeling that he was looking over my shoulder but I was too scared to look

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      Do the super intendants change everyday ya? Or do they stay there for the 2 weeks? Sorry for the stupid question 😂

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      our superintendent was staring at the clock about a minute before the exam started, he nicely let us start ten seconds early. We have the best superintendent ever! :)

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      Damn, I wish mine let us have extra time!,But she was super friendly tho

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      @ Its the same superintendent over the two weeks

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      that was for Rutav

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