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    Taking notes Katrina.khod


    I am a first year student .

    I was wondering if it is important to take down notes, will they be useful later on, and should I copy down nearly everything from my book? I know it takes a long time to take down notes, but I wondering does it help you a lot, and if yes and do you organise your notes and make them good. And also if you can can you please share a picture of your notes because I would really to know how you write them down? Do you take notes on every subject and when do you use them notes? And also should I keep all my school copies for the junior certificate to study from or should I just keep my books. And if you have other tips for a 1st year can you please tell me

    Thanks for your help

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      From a 3rd year, DON'T use your book, it is jam packed with little unnecessary things. Your notes should be quite short and gibberish to anybody but you. In this way, it is easier to learn them off. For History, I only write main points and buzz words for essays and have it so that I can piece it all together when writing the essay. In this case a little goes a long way.

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