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    Tips for junior cert Elisha447

    Any tips for any subjects for junior cert please.. I'm aiming to get at least a b in all of my subjects, and also hopefully an a in English and geography as they are my best!!

    These are my mock results:

    Maths 51%

    Business 78%

    Science 45%

    French 60%

    Irish 57%

    Geography 77%

    History 61%

    English 72%

    Home ec and art Are mostly practical and I feel okay about them!!

    So my results are varied, I studied for all of them except science, we have an awful science teacher our project isn't even near finished!!

    But I have been studying for science and it's definitely working. Maths I get grinds and am still struggling

    Irish I did an oral and my teacher said I am guaranteed at least 20% more.

    French it's the listening that gets to me.

    (All higher subjects and I'm not dropping)

    Any advice please??

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      for French listening, the best thing you can do is practice listening as often as you can. It is a hassle but you will see a huge improvement in your grade if you learn the kind of topics they are testing you in.

      Look for patterns. I find there is an emphasis on topics like numbers, alphabet, countries, house, family, hobbies and so on.

      It's the simple things that catch you. If you can, take out your first year book or notes copy and have a look through it. I sometimes play the listening audio clips in the background when tidying my room or doing jobs. It actually helps with hearing words rather than seeing them on the page. Good luck in your exams, I hope this helps :-)

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      With subjects like maths and business all I can say is practice, practice and more practice. With your maths paper have an open mind approaching all the questions, try not to get frustrated, if you don't understand a question just skip it and come back to it. Read your questions carefully and always include measurements stated. Attempt marks are better than leaving a question blank! I found the maths revise wise books super helpful when I was studying.

      I can't give much advice for science as I detest the subject other than to know all the experiments (label your diagrams) and try learning off all definitions.

      The best tip for french I could give is learn your vocab. Pick up words from the past couple of years and jot them into a little notebook. Phrases tend to repeat over the years so this should see your grade increase. Don't dwell on the listening though if you feel it hasn't went well, chances are that other students will have found it difficult too so marks will be awarded accordingly.

      With Irish have a good story prepared (if you take this option) with lots and lots of phrases and be prepared to be able to adapt your scéal well i.e. don't spend to long trying to change the title to fit what you have prepared.

      For geography try and remember the marking scheme when answering questions. Both the geography and history papers last year were very similar to the mock papers I took so try and practice some questions from your own.

      English is all about expression, so when you're writing something say it in your head and ask yourself, "does this sound okay?" In an exam situation it's easy to throw words down on a page especially when you are rushed for time but take the time to look at what you are writing every so often.

      Best of luck!

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      Science is a subject that I cannot stress anymore that you just must keep going over and over and over if you want to get an A or B, however you can still get 80% in the written exam and get an A if you do a good coursework A and B

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