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    to late?? eimearMcs

    In the mocks i got.

    English (ol) B.

    Maths (ol) C

    Irish (hl) C

    Geography (hl) B.

    History (hl) B

    Science (hl) D.

    Cspe C.

    Home ec (hl) A.

    German (ol) D

    Business hl B.

    Is It to late to get mostly Bs and As and any study tips? How do you think i did overall

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      I think it's just that exact time to start revising (I myself only got seriously into it last week).

      Try to do a bit of something each night until it becomes a routine. Also while doing homework try and learn from it. And the typical; take breaks, reward yourself, get enough sleep and exercise.

      Be really concentrated in class from now on.

      Try to predict what's going to come up and practice the papers. Learn most common topics that you yet have no clue about.

      As of the mocks, your results seem good. I think you'll definately be able to pull up to A' & B's

      Good luck :)

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      thank you! Good luck to you to, were nearly there :D

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