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Transition Year Work Experience Ideas!
DanMol The Junior Cert — 31/05/16 4

Hi, I am a 3rd year student about to sit my junior cert, going into Transition Year in a couple of weeks. My class recently had a TY Information Evening and the TY Coordinator said that we should start ringing around now because places will go quickly! I'm just writing to see if anybody has any ideas for me!!?? Thanks :-) (PS: I'm interested in pastry arts and management if it helps!)

Name — 20/05/16
You should do work experience as a potato farmer. its fun i promise
gillianh16 — 21/05/16
i agree with the person above. Great fun
JesusChristSuperStar — 25/05/16
DO NOT DO WORK EXPERIENCE AS A POTATO FARMER. I did that once and long story short I now have to keep a lucky bull testicle in my wallet...
JesusChristSuperStar is full of shit. Work experience as a potato farmer was probably the best experience of my life. Over the course of the work you will find yourself becoming more and more attached with each and every potato. I often named my favourite potatoes, and brought them home. It's really heartbreaking when they're taken away, so you must be emotionally prepared for the job. Hope this helps ;)
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