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    Ty work experience ideas flora may

    hey guys! im looking for work experience at the moment and im interested in the make-up industry. Does anyone have any suggestion of where I should go

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      study person

      Check out the MKF Institute and the LA College of Creative Arts :)

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      flora may


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      you could even try going into a shopping centre and ask at a make up booth if they would let you work there or at a pharmacy such as boots where they sell make up. hope this helps. good luck.

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      flora may

      Thanks I just wanted to know will I just be clean ing and stacking shelves

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      flora may

      If I worked in boots

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      it depends. for the first day they might make you do a bit of general cleaning of the store but, if you show a real interest in the makeup they might teach you how to properly apply it, tell you the best ones to buy and let you help them in assisting someone regarding their makeup. its worth a shot asking them for the work experience. they may even pay you a little bit.

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      flora may


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