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What date do we get our results back
Mason The Junior Cert — 12/06/17 32

(Junior Cert) & does anyone know what day of the week it is?

Melanie_8122 — 03/05/16
I heard from SryanBruen (sorry if I spelt your name wrong) it's the second Wednesday of September which is the 14th of September
SryanBruen — 03/05/16
No you spelt it right Melanie hahaha (one of the few people who ever did). Yeah it's always the second Wednesday of September. Past years for example: 2015: September 9th 2014: September 10th 2013: September 11th 2012: September 12th 2011: September 14th ^ I gave these examples as they prove my point.
Ava_5845 — 06/06/17
Do u get to look at the papers when u get the results?? My friend said she was allowed look at hers under the supervision of a teacher while others say they never got them back
SryanBruen — 06/06/17
No Ava_5845. NOBODY gets to see their paper. Your "friend" lied. I know 100%.
SryanBruen — 06/06/17
By the way guys, you will get your results on September 13th this year.
mamamaamamma — 06/06/17
SryanBruen do u know if we get our science investigations back???
SryanBruen — 06/06/17
No you don't. I never got mine back, neither will you.
mamamaamamma — 06/06/17
oh ok thanks
EpicArtifex — 06/06/17
Wednesday September 13th 2017 confirmed
SryanBruen — 06/06/17
As I just stated a few comments back.
EpicArtifex — 11/06/17
lol sorry
atekha — 11/06/17
on the 13th of september 2017
SryanBruen — 11/06/17
atekha again as stated by two people now. it's fine EpicArtifex.
sheehanater — 12/06/17
Its on 13th of September guys ;)
SimpelEgg — 12/06/17
13th September I think, hope no one else said it already
SryanBruen — 12/06/17
Very funny haha
Sophie51 — 12/06/17
It's up on examinations.ie I think but it's the 13th of September
Kim Kardashian West — 12/06/17
13th September I think
SryanBruen — 12/06/17
It's up on Studyclix.ie I think in the discuss forum
Kim Kardashian West — 12/06/17
I wish we get our exams back smh like ugh
SryanBruen — 12/06/17
I know it is annoying
Kim Kardashian West — 12/06/17
Preillly526 — 12/06/17
Do we get our results in percentages or letters (A,B,C...) or both
RJD01 — 12/06/17
Preillly526 just grading level(A,B,C,D) as far as I know
SryanBruen — 12/06/17
Just grading level.
r.a — 12/06/17
Wednesday 13th September
Johngreen69 — 12/06/17
What about our english portfolio do we get that back?
Juniorcerty — 12/06/17
You can get your exams back but you have to pay like €25
SimpelEgg — 12/06/17
What English portfolio
RandomRainbow — 12/06/17
Sorry, when do we get our results back? I can't see it anywhere.....
SimpelEgg — 12/06/17
13th September, hope this helps xx
Kim Kardashian West — 12/06/17
€25 for all the exams or just for one ?
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