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    What is a "Junior Cert"? ElSquarbo

    what exactly is this "Junior Cert" I've heard so much about lately? If anyone could explain to me it would really help xoxo - El Squarbo

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      according to some of the boys in my sesh its something to do with an exam where if you smoke enough rollies you win life - hope this helps xx

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      Well the Junior Cert (the new one is called "Junior Cycle Student Award" if you want that one) is a certificate awarded to students for completing exams in June that shows their results. It is like a "practice" Leaving Cert. You HAVE TO DO it no matter what! You can leave school after Junior Cert if you want to - that's if you do not want to get a job! You're given your Junior Cert results on the second Wednesday in September after the June of your exams - so like you would be in TY or Fifth Year then if you continue school. Some subjects require projects to do as the written exam in June does not hold all the marks. My subjects that require a project are:

      CSPE - 60% - Action Project (written paper is only 40%)

      Science - 35% - Courseworks A & B (A is for your lab copy which you write up all the mandatory experiments in - 10%. B is for your project on two different investigations - 25%)

      Music - 25% - Practical (Playing an instrument / singing)

      I heard Art, Metalwork and Woodwork also require projects.

      These days, the Junior Cert only helps you decide on what levels to do for LC at an early stage. If you want to have a job or go to college then don't worry about the JC but worry about the LC! However, remember that if you do not do a HL subject at JC, you can't do it at LC, so do as many HL subjects as you can!

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      I know you mean well SyranBruen but I think he/she was taking the piss

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      I know, I realised after I posted it.

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      What did you get in your JC .... just wondering because you seem to help everyone in literally every discussion.. good on you lad

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      I'm doin' mine in June haha. I just happen to know a lot of shit. I teach myself a lot! Like my family say that never mind my JC, I have been studying for my LC since 1st class - LOL. Like any time anybody in my year has trouble with a subject or homework, they come to me always. My subjects of interest for teaching are

      - Irish

      - Music

      - Geography

      - French

      Does it shock you that I am only 15 and I'm just going to do my JC? If you need help, you can come to me if you like.

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      What did u get in ur pres

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      Maths - 49% (I find HL Maths extremely tricky for me)

      English - 71%

      Irish - 71%

      French - 51% (I lost all my marks on the Listening - it's one of my weaknesses)

      Science - 52% (she didn't include marks on our lab copy and project, if she did, I would be around 70-75%)

      Geography - 66% (my lowest mark for it ever)

      History - 81%

      CSPE - 89%

      Music - 64% (Dictation was my downfall)

      Business - 61%

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      well done

      I got 5As and 5Bs

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      All my downfalls' marks

      French Listening: 42/140

      Maths Paper 2: 58/300 (it was rock hard compared to paper 1 which was just average)

      Music Dictation: 3/40

      Science Physics: 35/130

      Irish Studied Prose: 0/15 (I put in a wrong theme - he gave me no marks just for that (like I wrote out my whole sample answer correctly)

      Geography Long Questions: 58%

      English Personal Writing: 32/60

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      English 74%

      Maths 86%

      Irish 72%

      Science 97%

      Geography 96%

      History 87%

      French 85%

      Business 84%

      Tech Graph 79%

      CSPE 81%

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      Well done guys on your pre-exams results.I'm doing my JC this year too and I was wondering about the day when we receive our JC results.Does that mean we receive it on the 14th of September ?

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      Yes Melanie

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      What happens if you don't do it?

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      You can't Adriana, you have to!!! You can not do the Leaving Cert if you want to but you have to do the Junior Cert!

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      Yeah well my parents booked a holiday on the 8th of June and they don't really understand what the junior cert is so they're asking me to not do it if I want so I don't know what to do because I really want to go. If I don't do it what will happen? Will it prevent me from getting a job ?

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      Oh sorry Adriana, I need to make a correction in my statement. But before I do, I need to ask what age are you? (this year if your birthday is coming)

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      Not doing the Junior Cert will prevent you from

      *Getting a certificate from the State of your results (since you won't be doing it)

      *Getting to see how well you did in a level of a subject (so it will help you on deciding your LC subject levels)

      *Getting to experience a State exam (so you will get even more stress on the LC because you didn't face a State exam before)

      You cannot leave school at 15 years of age. The legal age to leave school is 16 and plus if you leave school and not do the JC, you will not be able to get many job choices. The LC is a big requirement for many jobs nowadays compared to 30/40 years ago when the JC was all you needed. But now, employers are requiring students to complete third level education (college, university) because they want high qualified workers. So even then, the LC is not enough.

      Unless you have health problems and you are in hospital trying to get well (which I know you're not), I'd advise to the Junior Cert all the time - even though it's kind of a waste of time when you first think about it before the consequences of not doing it.

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      I'm not leaving school, I pretty much know what the exams are like, I have my LC subjects and levels chosen so it doesn't sound so bad. But it's okay I told my parents I'm doing it ☺☺ Thanks for that

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      don't worry my larva! from what I've gathered the junior cert is just a way for the government to distract you while they raid your farm and take all of your cured meats xoxo -ElSquarbo

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      its all a lie created by the dunnnerman

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      SryanBruen, I'm just wondering about the Music Dictation. The only possible way to get 3/40 marks is that ALL you did was put in the barlines. Is this true or did you forget them and put in some random rhythm note, or a random solfa note?

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      SryanBruen I'm just wondering how your music dictation. Did you only put in the bar lines? Because that is the ONLY way I can think of that you got only 3/40. I'm just really curious

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      classic Patrick

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      who are you ElSquarbo?

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      I have a couple of spare bar lines if you need some or FORGOT some

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      SryanBruen... My dear child, to only get 3/40 in the dictation means you must of not only not filled in any melody or rhythm but you only put in around 2 bar lines... How? They literally tell you to?

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      OdhranDArcy ... good to know you're such a big larva! xoxo -ElSquarbo

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      Odhran DArcy seems to me to be a fake account....

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      idk I think its like a type of car

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      Jesus I did fill in the bar lines and I still only got 3/40 - of course then she marked it wrong.

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      tough luk sryan gotta try harder boiii

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