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    What is the difference vilau

    What is the difference between homemake and science ?😂😂😂I still don't know the difference ,I just went to science because I wanna to go to medicine or to be a pharmacist .

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      Stephanie K

      Do u mean home ec??

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      Stephanie K

      Home ec and science are totally different subjects but one or two chapters are the same in Home ec. Home ec have some biology, business, food nutrition, textile studies etc. Science is the study of biology chemistry and physicis. If u have anymore questions just ask. Home ec doent cover as a science subject

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      Oh thanks

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      Home ec = Home Economics - The economy of the Home. There is a lot of overlap in Home Ec and Science in first year with nutrients and digestion but they get very different towards the junior cert. In science you'll learn about the atom and magnetism. In Home Ec, you'll learn cooking and budgeting

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