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    What should I do during Easter and until June? ec2406

    Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice regarding what I should do from now until the JC, specifically during the Easter holidays right now. I have all the written work assigned by the teachers for Easter done, so I'm just wondering if there's anything I should do in specific.

    So far I haven't actually been studying, just doing homework well and listening in class. Obviously not studying for class tests may not have worked out all the time, but I think I'm still doing pretty well.

    Well, I was pretty happy with my mocks, especially considering I crammed everything until the night before. I'll just give a rundown to show where I am (not to brag):

    Maths- 88% (A)

    Irish- 89% (A)

    Music-97% (A)

    Science-93% (A)

    Metalwork-93% (A)

    French-79% (B)

    Religion-84% (B)

    Home Ec-68% (C)

    English- 67%(C)

    As you can see, English would be my main worry. Home Ec, French and Religion should come with project work and more practice. I've talked to my English teacher and we can both agree that timing is my real issue. I didn't get either of the English papers finished; (30 marks worth unfinished in P1 and 20 in P2). P2 actually was almost an A but P1 dragged me down a lot. I've finished our English HW for Easter and have even done around 5 extra exam questions for practice during the last 6/7 days. I find it really hard to make my writing sound interesting,especially when I'm timed. It's also really hard for me to sit down and make myself actually do English; I just completely lose interest after a few minutes.

    Any tips for what I should do right now, particularly with English? Would appreciate any help given, thanks

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      For Emglish I would suggest doing a bit of reading. I read a book at Christmas and Summer (before English Exams) and I've been getting As in my essays, except for first year Christmas where I ran out of time and got 65% in the essay

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      Stephanie K

      Do home Ec the best way to learn is practice practice and practice exam questions. Learn nutrients really well they come up every year. Also the consumer comes up every year. If you do a good practice and write up that is worth 20 or 25% I think not certain. Also if you did a good craft or child care project that will also bring up your marks! If you want any help with theory or practicles just ask. I can send you on the practicle write up if you want!!

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