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What time should I go to bed ?
Stargirl The Junior Cert — 14/12/16 7

What time should I go to bed so I will get good marks for an exam the next day and for a normal school day ,so I wont be tired the next day ?

Whatsittoya — 02/12/16
Whatsittoya — 02/12/16
Eoin-Hayes — 02/12/16
go to bed the minute you get home sweetie
Eoin-Hayes — 02/12/16
Stargirl — 09/12/16
what ?///
Shauna2015 — 10/12/16
10.30 at least you should be getting 9-10 hours sleep every night
bridgetown1 — 14/12/16
Routine is more important than anything you may or may not do the night before an exam. Think of it like a sporting event. Regular training, good diet, etc. You will NOT play well in the final unless you have been training well and regularly for the previous 6 months, with good diet and lots of rest. Your 'final' is next June. Aim for that. But, as a general rule, don't study later than 9.30/10.00. Be in bed by 10.30.
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