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    when do you start to study for the jc???? ciara7373

    any past junior cert student tips???

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      Hi :)

      I think the answer is straight away, you can read more about why in the blog linked below:

      Hope it helps!

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      hugh mongus



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      i was having trouble with this throughout my 3rd year. I asked around and eventually I learned through trial and error

      Study on tuesday

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      Don't worry too much at the minute. Study hard for your Christmas exams from November onward and once they're out of the way, you can start studying for the mocks. Take a break of 2/3 weeks after the mocks. If you've worked hard for them, you'll need it. Then start studying for the actual JC itself. If you use your Easter holidays wisely, you will be sure to reap the awards in June.

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      before christmas holidays the earlier the better

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