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    When should I start studying for the summer exams ? Katrina.khod


    I am a first year student and in my school we don't do Christmas exams, Easter exams but we do summer exams but we do small texts through out the year . I'm really nervous for the summer exams .

    When do you usually start studying for the Summer exams how long a day??

    Please reply,help is needed

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      You start as soon as possible because you are studying for your actual JC. And it's better to study now than when you're in 3rd year when you have a lot more study to content with.

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      i don't know how motivated or dedicated you are but people people i know usually study a week or two beforehand, there's no need to stress especially since you're in first year :)

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      Don't be nervous, and no more than a month before. If you've done your homework throughout the year you should be fine!

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      Dont stress over the summer exams. I studied 3 weeks before in 1st year and got 5 a's. Just study for class tests for now and read over your notes once in a while and you will be fine.

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      Guys thank you so much

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      how long do you need to study for to get a's for everything

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      It is very hard to get a's on everything Katrina. Even I haven't gotten a's on everything and I study quite a lot.

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      really, we usually have small tests and we do higher level test and I usually get 90% or higher. so are the summer exams harder ?

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      Oh yes. I usually get the same as you on small "class" tests.

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      Here's my first year summer exam results for example:

      English - 78%

      Maths - 64%

      Irish - 92%

      French - 96%

      Art - 60%

      Music - 82%

      Geography - 87%

      History - 86%

      Business Studies - 88%

      Science - 71%

      Religion - 98% (wasn't really a test as it is not an examination subject in our school)

      ^ So overall I got 6 A's out of the 11 subject exams I did.

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      These are ALL HL tests btw

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      Oh thanks for giving an example now I understand that it's not that easy To get an a

      Anyway I will try my best


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      Hi All I'm a post primary teacher and offer advice on snapchat where you can ask me questions.i place videos up on different topics and questions. Feel free to add me username is learning4all

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      John smith234

      Katrina at 1st year the exams in comparison to 2nd year and further on are very easy, they lasted about 1 hour 30 mins at most for many of the subjects in my school. If you study relevant areas to the course that you re doing you could do extremely well,in 1st year A's are very common but still i recommend you dont relax too much as theyre designed for 1st years so prepare for them regardless.

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      Thank you

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      Great leaving cert notes

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      mcclave this is a junior cert thread. please post them in a relevant thread.

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      pleas shut up

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      katrina good luck

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      sorry i apologize for the comment made someone used my account

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