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    When should you start study for the JC mocks?? AubernGene

    I know we won't have the whole course covered but when should we start revising for the mocks?? And does anybody have a ready made study plan? 😁 Much appreciated! 😄

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      mine were in the first week of february (2015) and i started in december but didn't really study during christmas holidays....started properly studying from morning till night in january/ end of december......and got 10 A's and one B in mocks so it worked for me! but i think it just depends on how much work u have been doing in the last 2 years...

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      Thank you @shadan but how did you manage to study with all your homework ??

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      I didn't get too much homework around that time but if a teacher gave us "revision" homework that I didn't think would help me I would ask them if I could revise a different way but still bring in proof I was revising or something... They will be okay with it if they know u are a hard worker!

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