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    When to start studying? A-123St

    Going into 3rd year next year and will be doing HL exams in 12 subjects, including self-taught Italian. I usually do well in exams, and I got As in all subjects in the last summer exams, so I'll be aiming for high results next year. With that in mind, when should I start studying for the Junior Cert? Thanks.

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      My advice would be to do all of your home work, not just the written stuff. Start to do exam papers on your own and correct them yourself or get a teacher to correct them. Find out what you don't know and learn what you got wrong. No point revising too early or you'll just forget the stuff.

      Straight after the mocks would be ideal to start going over stuff again. Just have a good foundation and understanding of your material before you revise.

      Last but not least. It's only your junior cert and you'll end up dropping nearly half of those subjects. Its designed to find out what subjects you'll succeed at in Leaving Cert ;) That's where the fun starts.

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      study for the leaving cert now

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      Thanks Matthew :)

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      No problem buddy! Wish you well next year! keep up the good work :)

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      Start at around Christmas, if you start before you'll get burnt out. Don't start later than Easter though

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      For how long should I study a day?

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      start studying right now for 8 hours each day... in my case i did from 3pm to 10pm every day including weekends

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      Yes, that definitely sounds very feasible @Bastartdeo :P

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      Only 7 hours a day? Pfft.... Try 10 hours for good measure!

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      A consistent 11 hours everyday will greatly improve and get you ready for the jc

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      Are you sure? I think I could push for 12, would that be enough? :P

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      The average student does 11, so 12 seems a bit too much but if u can go for it

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      Well I'm aiming for high grades so I better do a bit extra. Maybe 13, 14?

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      No need to brag,I know a guy who got all A's. He struggled to do 13 so don't be cocky

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      All right I'll aim for the 12 so. What about taking breaks?

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      10 minute break after 4 hours would suffice

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      Don't give yourself a set amount of hours, just choose 1/2 topics you want to cover and don't worry about time (make sure you don't spend too much time on one topic). Do 2 subjects a day and have 1 rest day.

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      Rest day? Pfffttt.

      In all seriousness aim to do 30 minutes then take strict 5-10 minute break ...research shows after studying straight for too long your mind will start to wonder and you'll just procrastinate.

      Exercise is also extremely important to release endorphins essential for efficient studying!

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