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    When to study? Thatboi

    Is it too late to start studying for my Christmas exam? They are going to start in 6 days.I am extremely worried about them as I think I cannot learn it fast enough.Also does anyone have tips on how to learn languages as I feel like my German teacher doesn't teach us enough.My Irish teacher is great but I have never been good at Irish especially first year with a lazy teacher.

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      Start studying now! Bit by bit in every subject. Balance it out with the core subjects since you haven't got much time left

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      Do you think I can manage decent to good grades?

      Also I studied about 4-5 hours should I do more?

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      What year are you in?

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      Yeah what year are you in? And it depends on how smart you actually are. Some people would get 60% without studying and some poeple would fail without studying.

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      2nd yeR

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      Okay we're in the same year. Your gonna be grand. Just study as much as you can because your gonna do better studying as much as you can compared to not studying at all

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      I am "smart" as so to speak.I could be more smart but I am not motivated enough and leave study till last minute

      In my summer exams I did good 100 % in both history and science.A in German , English ,Maths , Geography and rest b and woodwork c as he doesn't teach at all and adds on marks for students that don't mess.

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      Oh then your clearly going to do well

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      Thanks good luck with yours aswell

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      Your welcome and thanks!

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      How do you reply so quick?

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      😂😂 because I'm on my iPad and it sends a notification to my email and the notification intterupts what I'm doin

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      Soz one last much study.Hope I didn't wake you.

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      As much as you can get in. Just study to the best of your ability. And you didn't wake me :)

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      Is it ok if I study 5-6 hours?

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      I wouldn't even say you'd need to do that. Just doing 20 mins per subject should be sufficient to get a good grade

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      I wouldn't say 5-6 hours because the human brain can only actually concentrate for 25 mints at a time. I would say cover as much as you can and then take a break. I know 20 mins per subject wouldn't be enough for me anyway. And since your smart I would say you should go for an hour studying maximum 2 subjects and then take a long break. Then go back and do 1 hour again with different subjects. I think your going to do great anways so don't self too much

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      Hi im in second year facing xmas tests in next two weeks. I find study hard atm because since I started back in second year we are getting tons of homework and I am finding it hard to fit in study. Im not naturally brainy so I have to put in an effort to get good marks. did some mid term tests and my grades are disimproving all the time..... any tips to help me studywise.

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      In my opinion I think you just have to work hard. When studying history make sure you know people in history essays and paragraphs because a lot of marks go for them. Test yourself with out looking at your history book. When studying maths make sure you can do most of the revision questions at the end of every chapter you've studied. Use the resources on studyclix for science. and remember in most of the subject they won't give you a question that hasn't been on past Papers before so make sure you use answer the exam questions per topic.

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      Ah sure you can start studying in five days... Should b enough time

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