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    Wondering what subjects to pick? Eimear_d

    Hi guys :)

    A lot of you have been asking about what subjects you should choose for 5th year.

    I've just added a blog post in which you can find advice on the right subjects to pick.

    Hopefully it will help your decision making easier :)

    Just follow this link to look at it!

    All the best,

    Eimear from the Studyclix team

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      thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      You're welcome :)

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      can I just ask you, how do you find home ec as a subject? im confused whether to pick home ec or chemistry. I want to do French biology and business.

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      I'm actually finished the Leaving Cert now but having chosen Home Ec over Chemistry myself, I would sway towards Home Ec. I felt like I got more practical information and skills from it and some of the information was common knowledge so it was easier to learn, whereas I've heard chemistry is really difficult and there's a lot of hard things to learn off.

      That being said, Home Ec is still a hard subject, you have to put in a lot of work, but that's the same as almost every Leaving Cert subject unfortunately.

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      yes ok thanks very much!!

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