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    Work experience TY !! tlouisax

    Hi! I need some ideas for work experienced based on my interests...which are writing, reading, music, fashion animals, counselling/psychology and teaching! I already have a teaching one lined up but does anyone know any places that might cover my other interests? Thanks!

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      Fashion, comma, animals!!

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      Library, pharmacy(beauty related) , vet clinic, journalist in one of the newspaper offices like Galway advertiser! x

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      Stephanie K

      Look at colleges, some colleges offer experience in those areas for TY students.

      I know I did nutrition and medicine when I was in TY hope this helps!!

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      Stephanie K what colleges please??!!! I want to know ASAP. I'll be in TY next year but I know by that time I'll be struggling to find work experience, so I'm trying to find a place for my interests which is anything creative really like writing songs, poems, short stories etc.

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      Stephanie K

      @SyranBruen nearly all universities do a TY week where they allow TYs to spend the week in the college. I know UCC, DCU does it but literally just go on there website and you will see what they offer for 5th years! Talk to your careers teacher and she will tell you all about them, it was my teacher that informed me. Hope this helps!!

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      Trinity does a week of science courses :)

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