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    4th year or 5th year? Caroline311000

    I'm in 3rd year, I wanted to do 4th year for a really long time but now I'm on the border between the two. I'm already a year behind as I started school late so if I did TY I'll do my leaving cert when I'm 19 which I don't really want. I was thinking of doing 5th year and then taking a year gap after LC. I'd like to do TY only for the work experience tho. Help?

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      You can do work experience in a subject called LCVP in 5th year. By that mindset and your age gap, I would consider skipping TY.

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      Yes I wanted to do LCVP anyway, I need to talk to a teacher tomorrow because applications were already handed out for TY and 5th year so I'm not sure if I can change my mind at this point 😅

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      5th is better ty is waste of time in my opinion :)

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      Kylie Jenner x


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