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    5th year summer exams??? stressing24/7

    Any points on how to cram the whole 5th year syllabus in two days? My exams start on Monday! help!

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      Ask around for hints and tips as to what's coming up, summarise as best you can, use flash cards, practice exam questions as these are the most likely to come up as most teachers comprise the exams of past papers. You won't get the whole syllabus covered so ask your teachers/classmates for hints as to what's on the paper, good luck!!

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      Thank you so much!

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      actually I only have one day really to study cause I'm working tomorrow and then I have rehearsals for a show!!! better start cramming!

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      Same I had rehearsal today and work tomorrow!! Good luck anyways!!

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      oh cool what are you rehearsing for? and same to you!

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      Just upcoming shows with my orchestra and band XD what show are you doing?

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      oh wow that's amazing what kind of instrument do you play? do you get many gigs with your band or is it mostly busking? I am doing Fame at the minute but we have only started! I am in a band but only starting so just busking around Dublin and stuff but its hard to book any gigs we you get some experience!

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      *until we get some experience... ha ha

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      Flute and guitar! That's sounds great, good luck with it! What do you play in the band? and we get a good few gigs but that's because we've been a band for almost a year and a half haha

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      oh brilliant! yeah I play keyboard or guitar (depending on the song!) and good luck with your gigs! Cant wait for these exams to be over so summer can actually start but knowing irish weather it will probably start snowing the second we get off!

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      Same to you! and I bet haha

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