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    5th year summer should i be studying? jen2603

    During 5th year summer should i be studying? If so how much hours a day?

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      dont bother

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      doing an hour or two a day would take off some ofthe pressure of sixth year,would def recommend but not the end of the world if you dont

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      Depends on your ability and what you hope on achieving on your LC. Personally, I am aiming for around 420 points and for that I am studying literally the day before for everything except History and Maths. But that's because I've been doing that for many years and it's worked out fine I can take a lot of information in quickly. If you can do that, don't bother you're just wasting time and enjoy your summer. If you want to get 620 points, start studying an hour ago.

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      feck study

      im in 6th year and im here to just troll

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      I did, don't remember any of it now though!

      so if you are going to study i suggest writing notes on 5th year work,

      I wouldn't overdo it though, maybe 2-4 weeks? and only for an hour or 2

      Do it with a friend + then go out for food or whatever afterwards to reward yourself

      Don't feel guilty if you don't study though, it won't affect anything really! Enjoy your summer!! :)

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      No take a break! You need it before 6th year it's a very long yer

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      If I were you I'd work on improving your languages and maybe maths and anything you found hard in 5th year from other subjects. 6th year is so stressful and if you have the motivation to do a bit of work now it will really help you!

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      No way. Unless your maths teacher told you to get started, (as that's the longest course) I don't think you should do anything. As someone said, it's such a long year, and starting now will only make it longer. If you really want to take off some of the stress, go over the things you learnt in fifth year a few weeks before you head back in September. Good luck

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