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    6 Higher Level Subjects Harryob

    Is it a bad idea to only do 6 higher level subjects? The 6 are:







    4 of the subjects have a project worth 50% of marks (except DCG, that's 40%) and the other 2 (Maths & Economics) are my best 2 subjects, I find them really easy. I'm currently doing Geography but I'm finding it much harder than my other subjects. I want to drop Geography and do 6 H.L. subjects (I'm doing O.L. English and I'm exempt from Irish & Languages) but I've been told that I shouldn't because if 1 of my exams go wrong I have no back-up subject.

    What should I do?

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      Stick with honours for as many subjects as you can unless you reach a point you genuinely feel that subject is too hard for you. Otherwise you're seriously impacting the maximum points you can get.

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      Amanda April

      Only if you KNOW that you can pass them. Not FEEL, you must KNOW. You must have confidence in yourself and have good self-judgement. If your answer something along the lines of: "Not really... but maybe if I try much harder I could pass them all", then perhaps the reality is that you won't be able.

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