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6 weeks left
Maggiemoo82 The Leaving Cert — 29/04/17 5

Ok so I havnt Done much study all year I just can't seem to get motivated :( I do all higher level subjects apart from maths if I study really hard for the next 5 weeks is there anyway I could get 420 points cheers

Fiach1 — 26/04/17
Big B — 26/04/17
You can if you try hard enough. Good luck
Croke — 26/04/17
Depends on your subjects, honestly go for it, give it your all. If you don't get the points you want (unlikely, you can do it) then at least you know that you have it your all
Maggiemoo82 — 28/04/17
I got 336 in the mock so I'm nervous now
E.Devitt — 29/04/17
The only way to answer that question is study like hell and find out. No point asking people who don't know you
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