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600 points open to questions
hihihihi The Leaving Cert — 07/11/16 16

Hey guys,just started my new blog! I know how stressful the LC can be! I did my LC this year and got 600 points so feel free to ask me any questions and I hope you find the blog useful .. https://maximiseyourpointsblog.wordpress.com

taraflynn — 31/08/16
What subjects did you do?
taraflynn — 31/08/16
Congrats on your results btw :))
Clara doran — 31/08/16
Hi,just wondering when did you start studying and do you have a study plan?
hihihihi — 31/08/16
@taraflynn I did English,Maths,French,Chemistry,Biology,Accounting and Business :) @Ciaradoran I started studying straight away from the beginning! I know it can be hard initially but you really need to get the ball rolling from the start.Just have a purpose in mind and don't delay anything. I found it hard to stick to study plans as I usually spent a lot of time on one subject.However,I made a rough plan which included what I wanted to get done in every subject by the end of the week.That way I could be more flexible and move around subjects as I had an aim for the end of the week in contrast to what I wanted to get done in a day.Whatever you do,make sure YOU are comfortable with it and it suits your study style.Once you get over the initial phase,trust me it gets better as you get used to it.If you want,I can help you make a study plan. Please feel free to ask me any questions! But I would prefer if you just left your question in the comments section of my blog as it is much easier! Thanks :) Best of luck x
ruairilafferty — 31/08/16
How did you study for French and what resources did you use?
taraflynn — 31/08/16
Do you mind me asking how you studied chemistry? :)
hihihihi — 31/08/16
Blog name changed-- studyguidetopoints.wordpress.com
hihihihi — 31/08/16
https://studyguidetopoints.wordpress.com here is the link
hihihihi — 31/08/16
@ruairilafferty This is on my blog too! :) French-I did not do French in the JC so I went to a grind school.To be honest,it was the best decision.I am not sure what level you are at in French but there is one thing that can really bring you to a high grade in French and that is-to IMPROVE YOUR VOCABULARY! Trust me,I was not very good at French and improving my vocabulary helped me so much.To do this,you should get a small notepad and write at least 10 new words in it everyday(French to English) and LEARN them.Doing French to English really helps you with comprehensions as you find it so much easier to recognise words.Make sure you test yourself regularly. For the comprehensions(worth 30%,worth the most!!)),it is the same as in English-practise!Read the questions before the comprehension first and at least 2 times to ry to get an idea of the story and what it is about.Learn all the terms like “Relevez” “Comment” “Trouvez” “Citez” etc,so you know what exactly they are looking for.The grammar question is really easy marks if you know your terms correctly,so make sure they are perfect! Written:Most people stress about written a lot and its worth 25%.The bad news is,that writing is hard and the good news-it can be improved!The first step is to improve your vocabulary(I will keep saying this).You should also learn good structures (Triomphe au bad is an excellent book) and make sure they are impressive.Then,know the vocabulary of your topics very well(drugs,alcohol,fashion,healthy eating etc).The best thing to do is to hand up answers regularly to your teacher.I recommend answering lots and lots of exam questions so you know what kind of topics come up. Oral(25%):My favourite part of the exam!For the oral,the best advice is to START NOW.\Lots of my classmates delayed oral work and were really stressed(don’t do that!!).You MUST start now and by starting now,I don’t just mean started making an oral copy now,but start speaking out loud now! Trust me,you will be so comfortable by the time March/April comes that the oral exam will feel like a breeze.Start from “Moi-meme” and try to cover all the themes that you can.The oral questions are pretty basic anyway,the best book for the oral work is “Bien Dit!”.Try to make your pronunciations as perfect as you can and don’t be embarrassed of trying to talk with the French accent!(everyone has to do it at some stage,so why not try it now? xD) Listening(20%)-For me,listening was the hardest!! However,lots of people find it easy.Honestly,I improved my listening so much and that was only through one thing-PRACTISE! You must listen to French everyday!Even for 5 minutes,while you are walking to school or waiting for dinner.Listen,listen,listen!Try downloading some French songs and watching French movies(hard to get time for those) but the more you listen,the better you get! If you didn’t take anything from above,this is one thing you should really take on board-follow Essential French on Snapchat! Natasha is the best French teacher you would find in Ireland,she really helped me get my A1..you really can’t go wrong with ‘essentialfrench’ !They have a vine,twitter and Facebook account too.She always has amazing stories and all in French!! You really start learning so much, improving your vocabulary and getting a better hang of French.(Believe me,I am not being paid to say this!)
hihihihi — 31/08/16
@taraflynn Chemistry-I absolutely loved this subject as it is a nice and short course(if done properly).Start with the basics!!!! Many people leave the first few chapters till last but honestly,they are the most important ones as they form the foundation of the whole course.They are very short anyway so you should get them covered in no time.Titrations are extremely important too as they are guaranteed to come up every year,so know them perfectly! What I suggest is to make a list of the titrations and and write down the indicator used and colour change in each column.The calculations are pretty simple as they are almost the same! (just be careful with the vinegar and water one).Another important section of the course is,organic chemistry-so so important! To be honest,I didn't like organic initially but soon,you do get the hang of it.Also,this youtube channel and he is great at explaining things https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6LPAwAmnCQ . My last advice would be to know your definitions word perfect! Use flashcards to do so and print this off,it helps a lot! ==> http://www.studynotes.ie/leaving-cert/chemistry/chemistry-definitions-learn-leaving-certificate/ Best of luck x
Sarah2014 — 01/09/16
hi congrats on 600 points :) im just wondering should I chose chemistry for the lc. I like the subject but I find it really hard. I also want to do account but idk if it will be offered to me. have you any tips for studying on those subjects and biology?
Kasi1999 — 01/09/16
I need help to creat a study plan
sophie544 — 02/09/16
Would you have any notes you'd be willing to give away? Would really appreciate them!
ladevine98 — 07/09/16
hi would you make a study plan for me?
Hannah_5328 — 10/09/16
Hi just wondering have you any tips on english?
January — 07/11/16
Hi just wondering if you would have any advice on what sort of essays you should write/learn off for the year that would basically cover you in all possible English essays?
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