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    Any tips for making study flashcards? SaraahShan

    I'm looking to start making flashcards for revision of each of my leaving cert subjects and I was wondering would any of you have tips to do this? Do any of you have pointers that you didn't figure out till it was too late? Thanks in advance.

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      I was actually wondering the same thing. In 5th year I made some history ones but they were covered in writing and were basically the book information written small on a card. My teacher this year suggests that when making cards you put the name of the topic on one side and then keywords/headings on the other. Flashcards shouldn't be a means of learning all the information, they should be a means of testing yourself. You should see the keyword and all the info should come back to you and you should be able to talk about it, let me know if you have any tips yourself

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      I have been trying to do something like that. I start with a blank A4, I skim-read through all the chapter, underlining definitions and keywords. Then I put all my underlined points onto the A4. Then.. I copy most of these points in an organised fashion to cards. I only put facts on one side of the card, and I come up with possible short questions on these facts for the opposite side. I think my cards are quite good, it's just that it does take quite a while to do them up like this.. Thanks for your tips on it. One pointer I would have is to write really important keywords/defintions etc. in a different colour. These then stand out that bit more from the rest. Oh and put a chpt number on the corner of each card for a particular chapter because if your cards wind up all jumbled, it does take a while to sort um all out otherwise

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