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    Easter study - How many hours a day jason argo

    HI, I'm in 6th year and haven't done a huge amount yet. I got about 70 points less than I need at the mocks. I'm just wondering what do people out there plan on doing studywise for the easter holidays. How many hours per day study do you plan on doing. I was thinking if I get 5 hours per day (not weekends) that would be enough. Any thoughts??

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      it's hard to know how much to do alright. these are two weeks though and it's a good opportunity to get a whole pile done. instead of leaving your complete weekend free, why don't you just leave one day of the weekend free and do six hours every day? what do you think is recommended for fifth years?

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      jason argo

      Thanks unaxx, I might do a bit on a saturday morning I suppose. As for fifth year. I did NOTHING over Easter then but I suppose it would be good to get your notes in order in fifth year. Thanks

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