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    Japanese roisinb1

    Does anyone have any tips on the japanese exam? Like tips on remembering grammar rules or remembering all the kanji?

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      There's a website called 'Memrise' that I use for Kanji revision sometimes.

      If you don't want to go that route, we also make 'Kanji Crads' in our class, which is a little booklet of kanji flash cards that have the Kunyomi, Onyomi, Meaning and examples of them on the back, and just the Kanji on the front. They're fantastic for revision.

      As for grammar, I'd recommend learning your te form of by heart, as most other tenses on our course are linked to it in some way. Example: Te form can be used to get the plain form, and as a grammar check for the conditional.

      Hope this helps!


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