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    Leaving Cert Subject Choices Double007

    ey, everyone, I need a little advice/help here choosing my subjects for LC

    These are the subjects I want to do:






    Ag. Scince-Home

    Now I have to choose 3 from the list apart from Ag. Science which I would be definitely doing at home

    Which of the subjects can be studied at home and which can't, due to projects or too hard to understand yourself, I do not plan to get grinds so that is out of the question

    And one more thing what is the LC statistics in HL for German and Italian what of the 2 do people get better grades in ??


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      firstly you cant do geography at home because of the project, and you wouldnt be able to do all the chem and bio experiemts at home, There is a lot to learn in business and economics but one of them would be you best bet if you up for a challenge. Good luck.

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      So shall I do business and Economics and Ag. Science at home

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      I think 8 is enough to do, you'll be putting yourself under too much pressure to do 3 subjects at home on your own.

      If I was you I would sit down and think of possible careers you would be interested in and then choose the subjects that best fit those careers.

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      For statistics check the state examinations, possibly they have resulted published there

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      John smith234

      Geography gets 10x harder in leaving cert level. For junior cert you just needed to know physical and short qs. Now i need to know Short Qs,Physical,Regional,elective,option essay and of course the project which is actually quite time consuming. It takes alot of work to achieve more than a C in geography so honestly i wouldn't recommend it.

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      Chemistry would not be advised to learn at home. Far too complicated

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