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    Need Some Motivation? Norton

    You've come to the right thread.

    Let me tell you why you should study for the Leaving Certificate and the benefits it will have if you do well.

    From around the time I'm posting this, it's about 7 months until my Leaving Certificate. Last month I made the decision to just knuckle down and study. Why did I suddenly get motivated? Because I thought that it's 8 months of my life, a tiny portion, that will determine where I will go and what I will do in the future. So get organised, study, and if you do really well in the Leaving Cert, you're pretty much sorted for life. Not entirely, but you get me. Job-wise.

    Of course there's other jobs out there that don't even require you going to college to study. I want to do game developing and set up a game development company. Does it require me to go to college? Nope. Am I going to try my best in the Leaving Cert? Yes. Why? Because if anything fails, I know that I'll have my Leaving Certificate to back me up. And I can go do something else.

    Now, remember joining play school? Probably not. I don't. But ever since you went to play school, that was the day you started studying for your Leaving Cert. When you were in Primary school, those were the days you practised your time tables for maths, and loads of other things that prepared you for secondary school. And the Junior Cert prepared you for the exam technique and set up. Now, it's the end of the road, and if you do bad in your leaving cert, or don't bother studying for the leaving cert, or drop out early, your days (to an extent of course. Being in school isn't only about the education) in school would've been a waste of time. A waste of homework. A waste of stress.

    It's 9 months of studying. It's nothing. Get organised and you won't be stressed. Prepare and you will do well in your Leaving Certificate. And I promise you, it'll be worth it.

    "Find me a job that I love and I'll never have to work again."

    Good luck!

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      Great post Norton!

      We hope to make that knuckling down much easier with our site!

      Good luck everyone!


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      Thank you, Clix.

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