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    Share Your Study Tips here. studyclix

    Okay guys, Everyone has their own way to study but sometimes sharing tips can help others out. Let us know your tried and tested tips that you find helps you learn better.

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      jason argo

      Study with your phone off . I'm not going to college cuz of snapchat!

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      I find Study groups works. 3 of us get together and take a bit of the course each. Each person teaches the other 2 their bit. It's way easier to remember stuff when you teach it to other people and you remember it way more when your friend teaches it to you. We do this every saturday for 2 hours.

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      Do as many exam Q's as possible, u don't need to look over your notes do the Q's and correct with the marking schemes and your first attempt will probably be terrible but if u keep testing yourself again and again it sinks it so much quicker than reading your notes or the books. I found that I was really lazy and didn't want to do it at first but once u get started its the worst part over. By doing the exam question and correcting with the marking schemes, questions are always repeated, you know what the examiners want and you know how to time and structure your answers. Hope this helps! :)

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      Maybe not really a study tip but I find that if I am sitting at my desk and nothing is going in at all. Your better off to just take a break, go out and do something and then come back to it later. I just get frustrated sitting there learning nothing.

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