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    Should I start studying? TheHorg

    Hey guys, I'm in Transition Year and I was wondering would it be a good decision to start studying for the LC now? You know get a head start on things for next year and that way I'd kind of get 3 years to studying for the LC instead of 2? I just want your thoughts on the whole thing. Thanks!

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      well i think dont worry about the lc too much now that you are only in transition year. enjoy ty and make the best of it. if you have time over the weekend look over subjects that you find are hard. dont stress out about it. try to make your mind process the info but not all at once. this is one year where you get to enjoy school and not stress about the jc or lc. also dont let your mind shut down, it needs to remember keywords etc!

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      Do fun study! When I went into fifth year it took me about three weeks to understand what was going on, I forgot everything, it all came back to me quickly but you would be amazed what you would forget.

      Moral of story ... practise for iris oral , by keeping up your irish , vocabulary, and grammar. Same with your other languages.

      READ books to improve English, find out what play novel and film your doing for English and watch the dvs,

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      I say you should start studying because in transition year, there isnt much work to do so it's best to get ahead. atleast study twice a week there's no harm really

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      I'd start as soon as possible

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