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    Study timetable Kavanagh

    How is everyone managing their times between study homework and doing other things.Everyday by the time I get home i have my dinner and then start my homework.This is taking me hours and i usually start studying at about half 9 .This is usually for a test i have the following the day.After this I am wrecked and cant do anything except for go to bed.How am I suppose to get time to start revising ? Any body have any tips ?

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      I try and study for tests the weekend before so that I only have to do a small bit or revising the night before the test. This means I can revise another subject that I might not have a test on the next day aswell. This starts a good cycle and I don't have to study for test the night before!

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      Hello Kitty

      Well maybe you could write out what you have to do over the week then give your study 40mins each subject an then work it out form there

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